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Our company

The executives of Igrici- Kavics Ltd. (company registry number: 05-09-009030) have been dealing with the mining and sales of raw gravel and sand minerals for nearly ten years. The IGRICI-KAVICS Ltd. was established in June 2001.


The company started the process necessary for establishing the mine in 2002 on the contiguous areas owned by the members. In April 2005 the competent mining authority approved the Technical Operating Plan and granted the mining permission.

After getting permission we started moulding the area and the production and sales of the clayey dead. The Igrici-Kavics Ltd. continued production on mine titled ''Igrici V.” , which is fully owned by the company. From May 2005 there has been constant mould-cleaning and depositing on the site and also the production of natural sandy gravel over and under water, from March 2008 we classify the mined gravel.

The Igrici-Kavics Ltd. features the permissions necessary to operate a mine in running order. For supervising the quality and water-level of subsurface water stocks the Ltd. has established the monitoring system, and get them supervised regularly for the good of environmental protection.

Today this mine is considered to be one of the most important gravel-production building area of the country. The mining site is situated at the intersection of M3 motorway, to the west from the road number 3307. situated between Nyékládháza and Mezőcsát, 2 kms from the road regarding its centre of gravity. The intersection of M3 motorway can be found 2 kms from the area of the mine and can be reached through a private, good quality crushed-gravel road. In the aspects of civil service it belongs to the parish of Igrici.

The mine is suitable for producing ten millions of tons of minerals which provides a continuous operation for 30-40 years according to the calculations.

The industrial assets of the mine are directly suitable for building as an additive (the fields of use can be: base concrete, spatial concrete, weight-carrying concrete, reinforced concrete). The dead, which is the by-product, can be used firstly for road constructions. The favourable quality of sandy gravel (gravel sand) is the outstandingly low clay-mud content.

For meeting the claims coming from building industry we classify the mined gravel, with a watery classification unit in the mine, by which we are capable of standard, classified (7 fractioned: 0-1, 0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-24, 0-24, 0-32) production besides the ordinary mine gravel. With this outstanding-quality and classified product the Igrici- Kavics Ltd. can serve a bigger load of customers. Goal: gaining the satisfaction and trust of our clients through production of raw materials featuring standardly- determined quality and size, and selling them at a favourable price.