Pályázat Pályázat

National places of occurrences

The higher number of gravel appearances in Hungary are connected to the following regions:

I. the valley of River Rába with the upper-Hungarian section of River Duna;
II. the section of River Dráva in Somogy county;
III. the section of River Duna under Budapest;
IV. the debris-zone of Tarna stream in front of the Mount Mátra;
V. the sediment hill laid by the River Sajó and River Hernád a long time ago at the southern front of Mount Bükk;
VI. the boundary zone of Szathmár-Bereg county changed by the RiverTisza;
VII–VIII. Stains of gravel layers in River Szamos. Kőrös and Maros reaching out from Romania to Hungary.